Top Blog Posts of 2014

Half of my most-visited posts from the past year were actually written in previous years. I’m not sure what to make of that. Actually, I’m not sure how significant a list like this really is, or how seriously to take it. Particularly as I don’t have any way of filtering out the troll spoor on at least three of these.

Mostly, it’s just interesting to me to see what brought folks to the blog…

  1. Rape, Abuse, and Marion Zimmer Bradley.
  2. Striking a Pose. My second most-visited blog post in 2014 was written in 2012. Hm…
  3. 2013 Writing Income.
  4. Fiskception & LC on Rape and Self-Defense. In addition to my normal traffic, I had the subject of these two posts sending his not inconsiderable number of followers to the blog, which boosted the numbers.
  5. Sexual Harassment Conversations in Comic Form. A comic from 2013.
  6. Posing Like a Man. From 2012. The cover poses will never die! No matter how much some people want them to…
  7. Facts are Cool. Also from 2012.
  8. Who Controls Your Amazon Ebook Price. Another one from 2012. This is starting to get weird.
  9. Another Day, Another Mansplainer.