Website Update

I spent the past week or so rebuilding I had two main goals:

  • Set up a theme that would work on mobile devices.
  • Make everything as clean and readable as possible.

I went with the Simfo theme and trimmed a lot out of the sidebar content. I’m pretty happy with the home page. I like the slider, the thumbnails for the different series, and the recent blog posts. But some of the other pages, like the bibliography, look a little too stark now.

I know I need to clean a few things up, like the Press Kit page. But I think I’m at the point where I’d love to have folks poke at it a bit to see what works, and if there’s anything that either breaks your browser or just makes you gag in disgust. So far, it’s worked well on my phone and my internet browsers. It gave my parents trouble on IE8, but I think that might be something weird in their system setup.

Anyway, feedback is very much appreciated for anyone who has time to go exploring…