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2016 Novelist Income Results, Part 3: Number of Books Published in 2016

Introduction This is the third chunk of data and analysis from the 2016 Novelist Income Survey. Part one Part two A number of people have asked how the number of books published in 2016 correlates with income, particularly with indie writers. We saw in part two that authors who primarily self-publish can do quite well.(…)

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Friday has data on the brain… Cherry blossom photos, from Kawazu, Japan Unique Natural Phenomena in Pictures Goblin Valley State Park. I need to go here… Cats vs. Window Cleaners

2016 Novelist Income Results, Part 2: The Large/Small/Indie Breakdown

Introduction This is the second chunk of data and analysis from the 2016 Novelist Income Survey. (Part one is here.) I wanted to focus next on large press vs. small press vs. indie/self-publishing. The goal is not to settle the neverending argument about which route is better, because that’s a silly argument, and I’m not(…)

2016 Novelist Income Survey Results, Part 1

Introduction There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the fabulous lifestyle of the working novelist. Everyone knows once you write a book, the money starts rolling in, right? There’s champagne and movie deals and hanging out with J. K. Rowling and Stephen King and Rick Castle. Or maybe you’ve heard the opposite extreme, how(…)

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