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Throwback Thursday: Goblin Edition

“Throwback Thursday” has become a thing in certain circles, so I figured I’d try a TBT blog post. This is from May 19, 2005. Both of these excerpts are from Goblin Hero. # Two excerpts today. Double your pleasure, double your fun, or something like that… Excerpt the First: Slash pushed him roughly to the(…)

The Flash Discussion Post

Last night was the season finale of The Flash. I’ve enjoyed this show a lot, in part for its sense of fun, its wholehearted embrace of comic book tropes, the relationship between Barry and Joe, and of course, Tom Cavanagh. At the same time, the writing has sometimes been a bit clunky, and the overall(…)

Hugo Thoughts: Short Stories

Next on the Hugo ballot, I thought I’d look at the short fiction nominees. Four of the five stories are available online, and the fifth is included in the just-released Hugo Voters Packet. There are no nominees who weren’t part of the puppy slates/bloc voting. As before, I’ve noted where each nominee was part of(…)

“Do You Wanna Take The Hugos?”

To the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?” # Brad Larry? Do you wanna take the Hugos? Come on let’s change the game. I’m tired of those liberals Like criminals Who steal our rightful fame! This used to be our genre But now it’s not. They make all the puppies cry. Do(…)