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Updatery of the Week

Two good things have happened this week. After a month, the place trying to pull data off my old hard drive finally finished and got that back to me. My agent emailed with some minor notes on my middle grade novel. It sounds like once I go through these, we should (hopefully) be able to(…)

On Rape Jokes and Normalizing Assault

A few people have commented on this part of yesterday’s blog post about sexual assault and excuses: And then you have the guys who say they’ve never heard such things. Really? Never? As common as sexual assault is in this country, you’ve never heard anyone boasting about a problematic encounter? Never heard anyone glorifying assault,(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday does not recommend trying to put your cats in Halloween costumes. Cats have too many pointy bits. 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Photo of lava, meteor, and Milky Way in a single frame Dog Halloween Costumes Cat Halloween Costumes

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