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Day One

My first Monday as a full-time writer!

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is looking forward to sleeping in on Monday. Mini Horses and Friends. LEGO Orangutan. “Oook.” Doggy Noses! Http Status Messages, with Cats.

A Possible Unifying Event re: the Hugos

The Hugos and Worldcon are over, and thus did the internet see the Eighth Plague of Post-Hugo Pontification. Some declared victory, while others declared victory for totally different reasons, and lo did they yelleth at one another over whose “victory” was bigger. But on the fifth day, a lull did fall upon the web of(…)

Social Media Gravity Well

No blog post today. All of my social media energy has been drawn into a conversation on Facebook about respecting people’s gender identity. 600+ shares and several hundred comments later, I’m still dealing with comment management and a little bit of bigot herding. Seems like an awful lot of argument over a post that basically(…)