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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is scheming… Dogs are not good at hide and seek. Shelter dogs getting adopted Sink-loving cats

Who Wants Storytime?

Earlier this week, I caught a news story about a principal who read bedtime stories on Facebook Live for her students (and anyone else who wanted to listen.) It got me thinking about maybe doing something similar with my own stuff. So, who might be interested in the occasional live reading of some of my(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday’s website used to look just like this, guest book and all. Random acts of kindness Crocheted wildlife rescue nests! Dog snapchats

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is derived from the word “fried,” meaning “tired and exhausted.” Therefore, we should all be allowed to sleep in today. Foxes! Dogs Being Wonderfully Weird 30 Best Photos From The Sony World Photography Awards

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