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Lessons from a Viral #MeToo Tweet

I posted the following on Twitter yesterday, and it kind of exploded on me. Or maybe it’s a way to unite decent men and women against sexual predators and harassment. — Jim C. Hines (@jimchines) September 17, 2018 Now that the responses are beginning to die down, here are nine Very Important Lessons I(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is worried about pumas. Did you know YouTube has a whole bunch of Smothers Brothers clips? Well, now you do! (Thank you Marissa Lingen for bringing this to my attention!) Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Finalists. Disney Princess Warrior Makeovers.

So You’ve Been Called Out for Something Problematic…

This began with a pattern I saw of white people who’d been accused of racism asking for and getting reassurance from their white friends that they weren’t really racist. It’s not a new phenomenon, but I saw a lot of it earlier in the month, and talked about it on Facebook. During the ensuing conversation,(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday would like this outline to finish writing itself, please and thank you. Employed Animals Doing a Very Good Job Interesting shadows. That spider’s shadow in the pool!!! Courtesy of The Mary Sue, Marvel scenes set to ABBA: Thor: Ragnarok + Dancing Queen Infinity War + Dancing Queen Captain America + S.O.S.

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