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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday has been having trouble keeping up on the blogging lately… Living with Lots of Pets. I think #2 is my favorite. Retired Couple Proving Awesome Cosplay has no Age Limit The Art of Creative Book Dedications

This Week in Nazi-Punching

A video of a Nazi in Seattle getting punched and knocked out has been making the rounds. Responses range from satisfaction and celebration to the predictable cries of “So much for the tolerant left” and the related “Violence makes us as bad as them and plays right into their hands.” A few things to consider…(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday has not yet gotten an EX Raid Pass 🙁 Cats with Unusual Fur Markings NASA’s “Hall of Fame” photos from Cassini Some 2017 Wildlife Photos of the Year Finalists

Links, Reminders, and Misc

I’ll be drawing a winner of an autographed ARC of Terminal Alliance tomorrow! See for details and to enter. (And HUGE thanks to everyone who’s already donated.) The wonderful Book Smugglers are celebrating their 10th anniversary next year, and are doing a Kickstarter to help them to buy and publish more fiction, as well(…)

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