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Sexual Harassment in Comics and Video Games

Related to the ongoing conversation about sexual harassment in SF/F… From Bitch Magazine, survey data about sexual harassment in comics: As a comics editor, writer, and fan myself, I got interested in how often people at conventions experience harassment. So earlier this year I conducted a survey on sexual harassment in comics, receiving 3,600 responses(…)

WisCon, Harassment, and Rehabilitation

On Friday, WisCon posted a statement that read in part: The WisCon committee has completed our harassment review process with regard to Jim Frenkel, who engaged in two reported violations of WisCon’s general and harassment policies at WisCon 37, in 2013 … WisCon will (provisionally) not allow Jim Frenkel to return for a period of(…)

Detcon1 Pics

Detcon1 was tremendous fun. The volunteers who spent the past two years working to make this happen have a lot to be proud of. I hope to have some thoughts and write-up once my brain wakes up, but in the meantime, I’ve posted some of my photos from the weekend. I was lugging the camera(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Greetings from Detcon1! Have some links! Shakespearean Insults, with Cats! Though if I never have to see or hear another fat joke/insult, I’ll be a happy man. Rare and Unusual Patronuses, by AliciaMB. (Link from the Mary Sue) Scenes from The Princess Bride, recreated in LEGO. JL8, by Yale Stewart. I discovered this comic of(…)