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After more than a year away from the convention scene, I’ll be at ConFusion in Novi this weekend. My schedule is relatively light, which is probably for the best: Saturday 10 a.m. – Evolving Visions of Toxic Masculinity (with Jason Sanford, Marsalis, Kameron Hurley, and Brandon O’Brien) 3 p.m. – Mass Autographing 7 p.m. –(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday has very mixed feelings about 2020 so far… Dog protest signs Instagram feed from a puppy daycare Baby otters!

Tattoo, Part Two of Three(?)

Went back to Eclectic Art on Friday to get the next round of work done on the tattoo. James had done the linework and initial shading at the beginning of December. This time, he started adding color. It’s hard to say if this hurt more than before. Some of the thicker lines in December felt(…)

The California Escape

As some of you know, my kids and I skipped town and went to northern California for a week over the Christmas holiday. In part, it was because we’d never been. Mostly, it was because we weren’t up for being here and trying to have a “normal” Christmas. Aside from our almost-yearly trips to Michigan’s(…)

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