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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday has completely lost track of what day it is…or what year, for that matter. LEGO Star Wars trench run scene, with lots of amusing extras Cats Wild Foxes + Snow

Back Home For a Bit

Amy has gotten through the second round of chemo, which meant the hospital was finally able to discharge her to an acute rehab facility. (She’s been in a hospital bed for more than a month, so she needs some therapy to rebuild muscle and such.) Unlike the hospital, which was an hour+ from home, the(…)

Family Health and Ongoing Hiatus

I’m back home for the first time in a while, and I’ve been given permission to talk more about what’s going on. Last month, my wife Amy was diagnosed with cancer — an aggressive form of lymphoma, to be specific. Aggressive, but treatable. We’ve done the first round of chemo, and the last scans showed(…)

Running a Book Review Blog, by Andrea Johnson

I’m still offline, but wanted to share a guest post from my friend Andrea Johnson, aka the Little Red Reviewer… # Hi!  My name is Andrea Johnson, and I’ve run the book review blog Little Red Reviewer since 2010. I review primarily science fiction and fantasy, I interview authors, attend local conventions, buy books like(…)

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