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Back from Les Imaginales

I got back to Michigan late on Monday after a wonderful week in France for Les Imaginales. The festival was amazing. The whole town participates and helps to sponsor Les Imaginales, which felt like a cross between a book fair, convention, and renaissance festival. The town is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and there were(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is trying to recall French from high school, 25 years ago… Funny zoo signs Photos of Paris at night. (Now I have something to aspire to…) Cute little Snoopy and Woodstock, built from LEGO  

Les Imaginales Schedule

Next week, I have the honor of being part of Les Imaginales, the international festival of fantasy literature in Épinal, France. In fact, I’m doubly honored, since Le Bibliomancien (the French edition of Libriomancer, translated by Lionel Davoust) is one of six finalists for the Prix Imaginales award in the foreign novel category. Les Imaginales(…)

Traveling with Depression

I’ve talked before about dealing with depression. Last week’s trip to Buenos Aires, combined with next week’s trip to France, got me paying attention to the ways depression impacts and is impacted by travel, especially bigger trips like these. It hit me the most on my first day in Buenos Aires, after I’d been dropped(…)

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