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Cool Stuff Friday

I’ll be in Wyoming next week for Launch Pad, so there probably won’t be a Cool Stuff post next Friday. Unflattering animal pictures. Exactly what it sounds like. Star Wars-themed wedding pics. Hey Amy – want to do a wedding vow renewal ceremony? 🙂 Cats on (or in) pizza boxes. Baby foxes!!!

Guest Post from Rachel Swirsky: Coping with Harassment (Also, Butts!)

Rachel Swirsky is one of the founding editors of PodCastle, served as Vice President of SFWA, and is a prolific author as well. She’s twice won the Nebula award, and has also been nominated for the Hugo, Locus, Sturgeon, and the World Fantasy Awards. Her second Nebula win was for her story “If You Were(…)

What’s Wrong With Inkitt’s “Publishing Contest” – A Partial List

Earlier this month, I received the following Tweet: Well, I do like publishing novels, so I decided to check these folks out. Follow along as we talk about some of the potential pitfalls– Oh, who am I kidding. This thing has enough traps to make Admiral Akbar hoarse. ETA: It looks like they also Tweet-spam(…)

SF/F Being Awesome: Norwescon Fundraising

Norwescon is an annual convention in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. I spoke (okay, emailed) Kathy Bond, the chair of Norwescon 38, 39, and 40, who talked a bit about the fundraising and charity work the convention does. In 2016 alone, Norwescon donated: over $2,500 for Northwest Harvest, a local organization that feeds hungry people. (They(…)

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