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Depression Update

It’s been a bit over three years since I was officially diagnosed with depression and started with therapy and medication. I can say without hesitation that overall, my life is much improved over 3+ years ago. I can say with equal certainty that I haven’t been “cured” of depression, any more than insulin and regular(…)

Joy and the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

FYI, I’ll be on Lansing Online News tonight at 7, talking about Fable: Blood of Heroes, writing, and whatever else comes up. You can check the Ustream broadcast, or if you’re local, you can listen on 89.7 FM. # I’m 41 years old. When I was in elementary school, we played a game called Smear(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is writing a song about Rebecca Black. Stolkholm Public Library, in LEGO. By Linus Minkowsky. Cats Who Secretly Love Ducks. Dogs Failing at Catch and Fetch. Zookeepers Recreating Chris Pratt’s Raptor-Taming Scene from Jurassic World. Bonus: Chris Pratt tames children at  Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Medical Center. Bonus 2: Jurassic Pratt Channels(…)


A couple of weeks before ApolloCon, I got an email asking if I wanted to have lunch with one of the guests, NASA astronaut Stanley Love. To which I naturally said, “YES PLEASE!” I also got to eat and chat with author Amy Sisson and her husband, NASA scientist Paul Abell. All three are great(…)