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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is gonna dress up as Monday for Halloween this year. Text design fails Dogs in mid-air. (Link via Claire MacDonald.) NYCC cosplay


Did you know Facebook doesn’t let you change your relationship status to “Widowed” until your partner’s Facebook page has been memorialized? (Unless, presumably, your partner isn’t on Facebook, or isn’t linked as your spouse.) I mean, I kind of understand why, but dang… I’m still struggling with that label. When Amy and I got married(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is going to dress up as Monday for Halloween this year. The 2019 Ig Nobel prize winners Stephanie Pokorny’s crocheted full-body Halloween costumes Cat Tweets of the week

Grief: Doing it Wrong?

For me, blogging has always been a way of sharing things I care about and connecting with folks. That encompasses everything from sexual assault issues to arguments in the SF/F community to just geeking out about whatever catches my interest in a given week. Well, the focus of my life has been a bit different(…)

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