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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday challenges you to a dance-off! Dorkly shares 50 behind-the-scenes photos from Star Wars IV – VI. (Includes 12-year-old Warwick Davis!) Working LEGO particle accelerator. (Okay, so it actually accelerates a LEGO soccer ball, but still!) Pugs!!! Food-tasting cats.

School Visit

I don’t do as many school visits as children’s authors and YA/MG authors do, but I occasionally get to stop by and chat with a class or a school. Today I got to go back to my old elementary school — the same school I attended in the late seventies and early eighties — and(…)

Windycon Pics

I had a great time hanging out and catching up with people at Windycon this weekend! I’ve posted 40some pics on Facebook and Flickr. I was trying to push myself beyond using the automated settings. Most of these were taking with me manually playing with the shutter speed. Lessons learned… White balance is my nemesis.(…)

Windycon Schedule

I’m off to Windycon tomorrow. My schedule isn’t finalized, but looks something like this: Friday – Sunday Hang out Relax Catch up with friends Sleep in Maybe crash a panel or two I haven’t had a schedule like this in a while. It should be fun! There are a lot of nifty people at this(…)