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Hugo Thoughts: The Editors

Hugo voting has officially begun. It sounds like the Hugo voters’ packet won’t be available until later this month, so I’ll probably hold off on sharing my thoughts on most categories, but I thought I could at least jump in and look at the editors on the ballot. For those looking for a completely puppy-free(…)


DemiCon in Des Moines was a lot of fun. Amy and I flew down on Thursday so we’d be there for a booksigning at B&N, where Lyndsey kindly gave me a Smudge necklace made from a d20, and Chris showed up to drop trou and display his Jig the goblin tattoo. Oh, and I signed(…)

Zoo Pics

DemiCon was much fun! We got back last night, and I’m still recovering and catching up. So here are a few pictures from our pre-convention trip to Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. (Big thanks to Amanda for schlepping us back and forth from the hotel!) The full album is over on my Flickr page.(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday says hi from Des Moines! Cats Breaking Into Doll Houses. Creative Uses for LEGO. Doggie Best Friends. 18 Animals with Prosthetics. Sometimes, technology is pretty awesome.