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Writer’s Ink: Myke Cole

Myke Cole is the author of the Shadow Ops series, which he’s described not as military fantasy, but more as fantasy with the military experience. It’s experience that draws on his own life, including three tours in Iraq, and serving in the U. S. Coast Guard. His next book, Gemini Cell [Amazon | B&N |(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is feeling quite chipper this morning! Dormice being cute! But read the text, too. (Link from Seanan McGuire) Little children and big dogs. (Link from Cleolinda) Female Joker Cosplay, by HydraEvil. Chibi LEGO Serenity! I would like to purchase this kit now, please!

The Chippening: Day Two

See Day One for background and the first part of our story. Click for full-size pics. You know, if you really want to… #  

The Chippening: Day One

So this happened over on Twitter. And then this happened. Finally, there was this. The internet is weird, yo… Also, I couldn’t find our chocolate chips, so we’re starting with a butterscotch chip. Because I don’t see chip color. Part two should be coming in the next few days. Click for full-res pics, IF YOU(…)