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Tattoo, Part One of Three

Yesterday I had the first of three sessions for my very first tattoo. I’d been talking about this for much of 2019. If I was going to do it, I wanted to go all out. I knew I wanted something that would represent my family, so I talked to Amy and the kids about what(…)

CyberMonday Book Deals

A purely self-promotional post, for anyone looking to drop a few bucks on relatively cheap ebooks… Goblin Quest: The first book in the goblin trilogy, and the story that launched my SF/F career. Humorous fantasy about an underdog goblin named Jig and his pet fire-spider Smudge. $2.99 at Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks(…)

NaNo and Personal Updates

As expected, I’ve fallen far short of the “official” 50,000-word goal of National Novel Writing Month. But I’ve written more in November than I did the month before, and I still have a few days left. So from that perspective, I’ve already gotten what I had hoped to get out of this. It’s all very(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is not ready for Thanksgiving… Jill the rescue squirrel, and her tiny teddy bear Joyful doggos reunited with their people, and vice versa Giant lap dogs

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