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Another Update

A brief personal update. The GEMOX chemo my wife began at the beginning of June has been ineffective. After meeting with the oncologist this morning, we’ve decided to try another type of chemo called RICE, which we’re hopeful will get her well enough for the CAR T-cell procedure. She also received another dose of radiation(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday has had a long day, week, month, year… Best dog pics of 2019 Steph Parcus turns pets into Pokemon cards 50,000-piece animated LEGO Death Star build Harvest mice! More unflattering pet pics

Writing Hiatus and Other Changes

There’s no real news on the cancer front. If all goes well, Amy will get the next dose of chemo on Monday and Tuesday. But we have to wait a bit longer to see if and how well this is working. We’re also waiting on insurance approval for the CAR T-cell procedure she needs. In(…)

Cool Stuff Monday?

It ain’t Friday, but I needed some cheer and laughter… Photoshop battle winners Thoughts of Dog. A wholesome Twitter feed of, well, dog thoughts. Unflattering pet pics Starry Night, Pop Culture Edition. I want the Snoopy one!

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