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Cool Stuff Friday

Episode IX: The Rise of Friday Dancing cats Cat thieves An entire Tumblr of bleps

Another Personal/Family Update

We have a slightly more concrete plan for the coming weeks, with the understanding that plans can change from day to day based on test results, scheduling issues, the whims of the insurance companies, and more. Amy’s currently going through her third round of R-EPOCH chemotherapy (her fifth or sixth total round of chemo, depending(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday was not pleased with yesterday’s snowfall. Pick a season, Michigan! Dutch Artists Paint Giant Bookcase on Apartment Featuring Residents’ Favorite Books U.S.S. Enterprise, LEGO Edition Animals + Snow

U.S. Health Insurance: It’s a Trap!

Let me preface this post by saying, thanks to a clause in the ACA and a significant amount of luck, we’re all right. The default in the United States is that you’re supposed to get insurance through your employer. The employer picks up some/most/all of the cost, and that coverage is considered one of the(…)

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