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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is the droid we’re all looking for. LEGO BB-8, Small and Large Versions. 17-year-old Angelo Casimiro builds a life-size BB-8. For $120. This was a mesmerizing video to watch. R2D2 with sarcastic subtitling. (Link via the Mary Sue) UV Tattoos.

No, We’re Not All Disabled

ETA: SF Signal has removed the post and posted an apology. # I’ve really appreciated the Special Needs in Strange Worlds column at SF Signal, but the most recent entry bugged me a lot. “We Are All Disabled,” by Amy Sterling Casil, strikes the wrong note for me right from the title. Because in neither(…)

Roundup of Revisionary Links

Some stuff that’s come out this week… Representation and the Seeds of Possibility. Talking about the power and importance of representation and inclusion, over on Suvudu. (This has also been getting some love over on Tumblr.) Fantasy, Fandom, and Fatherhood. A review and Q&A at The Maine Edge. Stories of Magic and Vice Versa. Guest(…)