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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is not throwing away their shot. Beware of these dogs! Bird snapchats Author Chuck Wendig’s recent Instagram feed is > 50% baby foxes!

In Other News, Cancer Still Sucks

We found out yesterday that a friend of Amy’s passed away last week from complications of leukemia/lymphoma. From everything Amy says, this was an incredibly good-hearted and compassionate person. So we’ve got the grief over losing a good person, as well as all of the fear this stirs up for our own situation. Not much(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday wants a plaid lightsaber. 2019 National Geographic Photography Contest Finalists 2019 Texas Sandfest Sculpture Winners Animal Tweets

Obligatory Endgame Post, Mostly About Thor

I managed to make it out to see Endgame on Sunday 98% spoiler-free! Good timing, too. Later that night, I stumbled across at least three different spoilers on Twitter and Facebook. General impression: I liked it better than Infinity War. Nothing about Endgame really shocked me, but I had fun, and it’s an impressive capstone(…)

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