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Magic ex Libris, Book Four

Mostly for my own reference, today I wrote the opening paragraphs of the as-yet-untitled fourth book in the Magic ex Libris series. I would share the first few lines, but they won’t make much sense until you’ve read Unbound [B&N | Indiebound | Amazon]. Anyway, yay! Deadpool approves of new books. And also of random(…)

Magical Words Guest Post: Despair

My final (for now) guest post at Magical Words went up on Friday. This one was about the down times in the writing career. We don’t talk much about the despair, at least not publicly. I think there’s this belief that authors should project an air of confidence, because if we ever admit our neuroses(…)

Writer’s Ink: Anne Harris/Jessica Freely

Michigan author Anne Harris, aka Jessica Freely, has spent more than fifteen years searching for a home for her latest novel, All the Colors of Love [Amazon | B&N]. But before we get into that, let’s hear about that frisky-looking devil tattoo… My tattoo is a doodle of a little dancing devil I’ve been scribbling since(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Go forth and carpe the Friday! LEGO frog dissection. For those with ethical qualms about dissecting the real thing? (Link from Steven Silver) Photos of animals who suddenly realized they’re at the vet’s. Dogs who forgot how to dog. Cats who forgot how to cat. Please note that cats or dogs pressing their heads against(…)