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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is more than halfway through these final revisions… Corgis! Tumblr posts to make your day better. Mlems, Bleps, and Boops!

The Message Behind Daughters and Overprotective Dads

Long before my daughter began dating, I had guys joking about how I should greet her prospective boyfriends. Sitting in the living room cleaning a shotgun was a popular idea. People who knew me a little better suggested I should sharpen one of the swords instead. I also have a teenage son. Funny thing —(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Welcome to the 200th Cool Stuff Friday post! Artist improves bad stock photos with cartoon animals Six foot tall Wayne Manor and Batcave, in LEGO Best pet videos of the week

End of School Year Chaos

In the past seven days, I have… Spoken to my editor about revisions on Terminal Uprising Attended my daughter’s high school graduation Helped with the planning and preparations for said daughter’s open house this coming weekend Attended my son’s induction into the National Junior Honors Society Attended awards night for that same son I am(…)

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