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Writing Hiatus and Other Changes

There’s no real news on the cancer front. If all goes well, Amy will get the next dose of chemo on Monday and Tuesday. But we have to wait a bit longer to see if and how well this is working. We’re also waiting on insurance approval for the CAR T-cell procedure she needs. In(…)

Cool Stuff Monday?

It ain’t Friday, but I needed some cheer and laughter… Photoshop battle winners Thoughts of Dog. A wholesome Twitter feed of, well, dog thoughts. Unflattering pet pics Starry Night, Pop Culture Edition. I want the Snoopy one!

Another Personal Update and Changing Plans

We’d been hoping to be done with chemo and moving toward a bone marrow transplant for my wife. Unfortunately, the scan eight days ago showed several masses in my wife’s abdomen. So we’ve spend most of the past week in the hospital, where they worked on pain management, hit the cancer with radiation, and began(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is off to a slow start today. Instagram Feed of Round Animals Goofy animals (may be a little slow to load…) If giant (fluffy!) animals roamed the world

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