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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is trying not to obsessively check email now that Project K is out on submission… What was God thinking? Dogs and Babies Animal Mamas Extremely Short Summaries of Classic Books


At long last, book two of the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse is out in the world! Today is the official release of Terminal Uprising. In this book, Mops and company return to the ruins of Earth. We’ve already seen a couple of reviews for this one. “Subtle absurdist humor permeates the narrative, derived from faulty(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday went willingly into the ice, to be thawed out when we need it most. Whimsical dogs “Mistakes were made.” (Cat pics) Ducks + ice

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday was once again snubbed by the Oscars… Chicken shaming (courtesy of Carpe Librarium) Birds walking awkwardly Surreal photo manipulations Cats being abducted by UFOs

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