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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is looking forward to a slow, quiet weekend. (Saturday and Sunday are laughing at Friday…) 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists Unphotogenic Animals Better Jack O’Lanterns Through Science! (Note: this blog is not responsible if you burn down your house.) So who’s going to try to watch the Orionid meteor shower, which peaks over(…)

The Nice Guy Myth

There’s no such thing as a Nice Guy. Not because all guys are monstrous, evil, puppy-kicking scum, but because we’re all human. We have moments of kindness and generosity, and we also have asshole moments. The ratio varies from one person to the next, but the mixture’s there in all of us. I bring this(…)

Continuum Schedule

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to Continuum in Romulus, Michigan, to do Guest of Honor stuff. I’ll be joining gaming GoH John Wick and Musical GoH Tom Smith. This is the rebirth/rebranding of the old ConClave convention. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes! If you’re looking to find me, here’s the most current schedule(…)

A Plea to Conventions About Name Badges

I have a favor to ask of conventions: please design your badges so that names can be easily and clearly read. I’ve never been good with names. It’s frustrating as hell, and it’s become a bigger problem as I travel to more conventions. I get introduced to so many people, and within 24 hours, a(…)

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