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Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is slowly recovering from jet-lag and the impulse to spout random bits of French. Very Important fox pictures Have I linked y’all to Texts From Superheroes yet? Well, I have now! Excellent dog tweets

Sexual Assault: Facts and Research

Major content warning for discussion of rape and sexual assault. # Earlier this week, my daughter got into a conversation with someone who seemed to believe a lot of the myths and misinformation about rape. That it was rare … that rapists are generally caught and jailed … that there’s no real research into the(…)

Cool Stuff Vendredi

Vendredi est à Utopiales aujourd’hui! NASA pumpkins! Halloween costume puns Cute Animals: Tininess Edition

Happy Space Janitors Day!

I’m gonna be spending half of today on a plane, and the rest of the time either at work or getting ready to spend half of today on a plane, so this is gonna be pretty quick. Today is the official release of the paperback edition of Terminal Alliance. Yay! This means you can now(…)

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