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Finished Draft and LEGO Transformers Break

During my eight-day writing staytreat, I wrote about 22,000 words to finish up the first draft of Project K! There was much rejoicing!!! And now I get to…well…sit down and start rewriting Project K. I’m pretty happy with this first draft, and it gave me a decent idea what the book’s really about and what(…)

Cool Stuff Friday

Friday is still collecting dog-petting translations! Happy dogs! Award-winning underwater photography More dog snapchats


Over on Twitter, I started a Very Important Linguistics thread about how to ask to pet someone’s dog in other languages. I took several years of French in high school, and yet when I went to a French book fest/convention last year, I lacked this vital knowledge! Here are the results so far, sorted by(…)

Writing Staytreat

Last week was supposed to be a writing retreat. I was gonna finish up those final revisions on Terminal Uprising, then (hopefully) get through the first draft of Project K. And then on Friday we had a medical issue arise. Nothing life-threatening, but I ended up staying home to help out. They’re mostly healed up(…)

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