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  • Goldfish Dreams [B&N | Amazon]
    • Mainstream novel, originally published in 2003 by Regal Crest Enterprises. Re-released by the author in electronic format in 2010.



  • The Goblin Master’s Grimoire
    • A collection of my short fiction, from ISFiC Press. November, 2013.
  • Sister of the Hedge & Other Stories [Amazon | B&N]
    • Six of my more serious fantasy stories. June, 2012.
  • Kitemaster & Other Stories [Amazon | B&N]
    • Six of my lighter fantasy stories, as well as a preview of Libriomancer. August, 2011.
  • Goblin Tales [Amazon | B&N | Lulu]
    • Collection of five goblin-related short stories. March, 2011.
  • Der Goblin Held []
    • German collection of my short fiction, published by Lübbe. December, 2008.


Edited Works:

  • Invisible [Amazon | B&N]
    • 13 essays about representation in science fiction and fantasy. April, 2014.


Short Fiction:

“On the Efficacy of Supervillain Battles in Eliciting Therapeutic Breakthroughs” in Unidentified Funny Objects 3. Forthcoming.

“Chupacabra’s Song” in Kaleidoscope. Forthcoming.

“Stranger vs. the Malevolent Malignancy” in Unidentified Funny Objects 2. October, 2013.

“Corrupted” in The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity. March, 2012.

“Epilogue” in Human for a Day. December, 2011.

“The Blue Corpse Corps” in When the Hero Comes Home. August, 2011.

“In the Line of Duty” in Zombiesque. February, 2011.

“Heart of Ash” in A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Monsters. February, 2010.

  • Reprinted in Strange Faces. Forthcoming.

“The Creature in Your Neighborhood” in Strip Mauled. September, 2009.

“Mightier than the Sword” in Gamer Fantastic. July, 2009.

“The Red Path” in Terribly Twisted Tales. May, 2009.

“Red’s Tale” in The Faery Taile Project. November, 2008.

“Gift of the Kites” in Clarkesworld Magazine. October, 2008.

“Original Gangster” in Fantasy Magazine. September, 2008.

“Images of Death” in Imaginary Friends. September, 2008.

“The Eyes of Ra” in Cat Tales. September, 2008.

“Ours to Fight For” in Realms of Fantasy. August, 2008.

  • Reprinted in Pevnost. February, 2010.

“Untrained Melody” in Misspelled. April, 2008.

“School Spirit” in Magic in the Mirrorstone. February, 2008.

“The Haunting of Jig’s Ear” in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue 31. October, 2007.

“Bloodlines” in Places to Be, People to Kill. June, 2007.

“Goblin Hero” in Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy. May, 2007.

  • Podcast from ClonePod (as “Goblin Hunter”). February, 2008.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” in If I Were an Evil Overlord. March, 2007.

  • Reprinted in When the Villain Comes Home. August, 2012.

“Goblin Lullaby” in Fantasy Gone Wrong. September, 2006.

“Sister of the Hedge” in Realms of Fantasy. June, 2006.

  • Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Volume 20.
  • Reprinted in Prime Codex. June, 2007.

“No Worries, Partner” in Modern Magic. April, 2006.

“om+” (collaboration with Catherine Shaffer) in Oceans of the Mind, Issue 17. September, 2005.

  • Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Science Fiction, Volume 23.

“Kitemaster” in Fantastic Companions. August, 2005.

“Iron Flames and Neon Skies” in Gateways. June, 2005.

“Deliverance” in Realms of Fantasy. June, 2005.

“Nothing but Meat” in Brutarian Quarterly. Winter, 2005.

“Spell of the Sparrow” in Sword & Sorceress XXI. October, 2004.

“Over the Hill” in Turn the Other Chick. October, 2004.

“Sidekicked” in Path of the Bold. August, 2004.

“144th Contact” in Why I Hate Aliens. November, 2003.

“Stormcloud Rising” in Path of the Just. November, 2003.

“Rules of Order” published through Story House. June, 2003.

“Gnomes in the Home” in Spellbound. Spring, 2003.

“Tenure” in Planet Relish, Issue 26. April, 2003.

“The Soul of Camelot” in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue 4. December, 2002.

“Brainburgers and Bile Shakes: A Love Story” in The Book of More Flesh. November, 2002.

“Team Teaching” in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue 3. October, 2002.

“The Historical Tradgedie of Julia and Remirro” in Full Unit Hookup, Issue 2. Summer, 2002.

“Like Father, Like Daughter” in Spellbound. Summer, 2002.

“Inspecting the Workers” in The Book of All Flesh. November, 2001.

  • Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Volume 15.
  • Reprinted at January, 2004.

“Hasa Kesla” in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Issue 50. December, 2000.

  • Reprinted at Peridot Books.  Volume 16. Fall, 2002.

“Blade of the Bunny” in Writers of the Future, Volume 15. Summer, 1999.

  • Reprinted in Tales From the Whole Universe. November, 2002.

“Turnabout” in Jackhammer, Volume 2, Issue 8. February, 1999.

“Whisper of a Dream” in World Wide Writer, Volume 1, Issue 1. January, 1997.



“Cover Art and the Radical Notion that Women are People” in the SFWA Bulletin. Summer, 2013.

Mighty Axes and Beer-Soaked Beards: The Portrayal of Dwarves in Fantasy” in Apex Magazine. August, 2012.

Writing About Rape” in Apex Magazine. January, 2012.

Selling Your First SF/F Novel,” originally published online.

“Ego and the Art of Self-Promotion” in Speculations. June, 2004.

Ten Tips for a Successful Reading” at July, 2003.

“Nice Guys” in Brother. Volume 22, Number 2. Spring, 2003.

“Location, Location, Location” in ByLine Magazine. February, 2003.

“‘I’m Very Happy For You’ – Dealing with Envy” in Speculations. February, 2003.

“Should You ‘Print on Demand’?” in ByLine Magazine. July, 2002.

“A Writer in Motion” in ByLine Magazine. May, 2002.

Sleeping with the Bug-Eyed Monster” in Strange Horizons. December, 2001.

“Build a Better Psychologist” in Speculations. June, 2000.

“Seven Days in L.A.” in Speculations. December, 1999.

“The Phone Call” in Diabetes Forecast, Volume 52, Issue 6. June, 1999.

“Pulling the Labels Over Our Eyes” in Jackhammer, Volume 2, Issue 15. April, 1999.



I Piss Stupid People Off” (Sticker) at Northern Sun. March, 2005.

“Ten Things Writers Don’t Want to Hear” (Humor) at August, 2003.

“Nine Ways to Cope with Rejection Letters” (Humor) at March, 2003.

The Ancient Wyrm” (Poem) in EOTU.  Volume 3, Issue 6. December, 2002.

“Top Ten Writing-Related Neuroses” (Humor) at November, 2002.