Best of the Blog: 2013

A week or two back, I was reading a complaint about how I was “constantly” going on about sexual harassment and sexism and so on. I checked the blog archives and found that out of just over 1000 blog posts, there are 18 tagged “sexual harassment,” and 14 tagged “sexism.” That’s a whopping 3% of the blog. (Compare that to the 50 blog posts tagged “LEGO.”)

However, when I pull up the most popular blog posts — the posts from 2013 that attracted the most traffic — those 3% take up most of the top spots for the year. Interesting.

  1. Sexual Harassment Conversations in Comic Form. I’m very happy with how this comic has spread.
  2. Group Cover Pose Reveal. Honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t make #1. Me, Scalzi, Rothfuss, Stross, and Kowal, and we lost out to stick figures? Oh, the shame.
  3. How to Report Sexual Harassment, by Elise Matthesen. I believe this is the first time I’ve had a guest post earn one of the top spots for the year. Thanks again to Elise for speaking up.
  4. Roundup of Some “Anonymous Protesters” (SFWA Bulletin Links). Three different SFWA-related posts on the list. Interesting.
  5. One Consequence of Creeping.
  6. Fake Writer Girls.
  7. Racist Takes Dump in SFWA Twitter Stream: News at 11.
  8. SFWA Presidential Election Thoughts.
  9. What is Rape Culture?
  10. Cover Art – So Where’s the Problem?
  11. 2012 Writing Income. I’ve got to start getting the 2013 update put together soon.

Google Analytics says I had 263K unique visitors this year, which means … heck if I know. Especially with the blog content distributed to LiveJournal, Goodreads, RSS feeds, and more. Social media is such a broadly distributed thing these days. Very different from when I first started blogging at (I don’t know how to feel about the fact that I still remember my Geocities web address.)

But I’m still enjoying it, and that means the blog will continue for the foreseeable future. Which I’m sure comes as a TREMENDOUS relief to all of you!