La Gloire du Gobelin

1. Remember when I did those 20 Neil Gaiman facts?  Author Ann Aguirre is running a contest that involves Jim C. Hines facts, and she’s giving away all of my books as prizes.  I just … wow.  Go.  Go now.

2. In further awesome and ego-boosting links, Catherine Schaff-Stump has written up her thoughts on Red Hood’s Revenge.  But this is no ordinary review; this is the English professor treatment, and it is most nifty.


So anyway, when I posted a picture of my ego shelf a while back, I mentioned that I was missing a single book: La Gloire du Gobelin, the French edition of Goblin Hero.

I finally said the heck with it, went to, and plopped down $30 to get a copy of the book.  It arrived yesterday.

One of the things I loved about the first book was that they included additional artwork on the back cover.  They did the same for book two.  Here, for your enlightenment, is the back cover art for La Gloire du Gobelin:

Okay, I don’t recall Veka being bald, but it’s been long enough since I wrote that book, maybe I’m misremembering.  And I love that Braf’s back there with his finger up his nose.  Grell and her cane are pretty cool too.

Then there’s Slash the hobgoblin.  Here, take a closer look:

I stared at this for a long time, trying to understand.  Was it a hobgoblin night light?  A PSA about the tragic effects of snorting LEDs?  A rogue pixie who got lost and flew up Slash’s nose by mistake?  Some sort of Christmas–

And then I remembered.  There was a scene where Veka cast a spell on Slash’s nose, wasn’t there?  (It’s been five years since I printed out that manuscript and sent it in.  I’m allowed to forget a few details.)

I’m not going to pick on my former publisher.  I have no doubt the artist did a great job with the directions he or she was given.  But I can’t help noticing that for some reason this book, with nose-glow Slash on the back and Jig in blue jeans and church lady glasses on the on the front, apparently did not sell well enough for my French publisher to pick up the third goblin book.

Ah well.  Overall, I’ve had incredibly good luck with my cover art.  And at least this one gives us Braf with nose-picking action!

What do you think?