Day Off

Sigh.  So I missed at least two more of my friends’ books that were out this week.  I plead squirrel brain.

David B. Coe’s novelization of the new Robin Hood [B&N | Mysterious Galaxy | Amazon] movie is first up.  Coe posted at SF Novelists about the challenges of doing a work like this.

Also out is Janni Lee Simner‘s latest YA title Thief Eyes [B&N | Mysterious Galaxy | Amazon].  Icelandic fantasy for those tired of traditional pseudo-European settings.  Read an excerpt here.


So yesterday I took the day off of work.  I’ve maxed out on my annual leave, meaning I’m at the point where I either use it or lose it.  Here are the things I managed to accomplish:

  • Got the boy off to school.
  • Paving stones placed beneath gates to stop dog from digging out of the back yard.
  • Lawn mowed.
  • Front yard weeded and feeded.
  • Weeds in driveway sprayed with liquid death.
  • Oil changed and car washed.
  • Dishes put away.
  • Interview with Jig the goblin written and turned in.

What didn’t I do?  Any writing at all on Snow Queen or for the anthology invitation that showed up Wednesday night.  And this is why the idea of quitting the day job and going full time as a writer isn’t as simple as it looks.

I needed to get all of that stuff done, especially since I’ll be away this weekend at Penguicon.  But it’s still frustrating that, in many ways, it’s easier for me to get writing done when I’m working than it is on a day off.

If I ever do go full time, I know I’ll have to make some changes.  Basically, I’ll have to treat it just like I do my day job, with scheduled work hours.  I’m thinking a two-hour block in the morning, and a 2-3 hour block in the afternoon.  (Yes, I think about this a fair amount.)  It wouldn’t be a full eight-hour work day, but it would be a lot more than I get now, and would leave time for blogging, e-mail, and other related activity.

But hey, at least my car is clean 🙂