Books and Squirrel

Two new books out today from friends of mine.


Feed [B&N | Mysterious Galaxy | Amazon], by Mira Grant, also known as Seanan McGuire (of Rosemary & Rue fame)[1. She’s been talking about the book on her LiveJournal, so I’m assuming the pseudonym is an open secret].  From the Publishers Weekly Starred Review:

Twin bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason and their colleague Buffy are thrilled when Sen. Peter Ryman, the first presidential candidate to come of age since social media saved the world from a virus that reanimates the dead, invites them to cover his campaign. Then an event is attacked by zombies…

Bewitched & Betrayed [B&N | Mysterious Galaxy | Amazon], by Lisa Shearin.  This is Shearin’s fourth book about seeker/sorceress Raine Benares.  Lisa has posted sample chapters from all four books on her web site.  Check ’em out!


Thanks for everyone’s input last week about discussing/sharing family stories and such online.  I talked to my wife and both kids about it, and I have a better sense how I’m going to try to go about this.  The current plan is to use the cut tag for these, since not everyone is interested.  I also let the kids choose pseudonyms for themselves.  (Clara and Jackson, if you’re wondering).  I’ll probably reevaluate as I go.

So anyway, this weekend I brought the kids to Michigan State to feed the ducks…

…partly so my wife could work on a paper for class.  Turns out there was a football scrimmage this weekend, so the campus was packed.  The ducks were either watching the game, or else they had already done some tailgating and were stuffed.  We fed a few, but it wasn’t the crazy flock I was hoping for.

However, there was a squirrel who kept getting closer and closer to my daughter and her bounty of stale bread.  She was very patient and very gentle with him/her, which eventually resulted in this.

Clara really loves animals, so this was one of the highlights of the day.  Her only complaint was that she didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl squirrel, so she wasn’t sure whether to name it Neil or Nellie.