New Book Day: Amelia Sand and the Silver Queens

::Dusts off the blog::

Hello, all! Long time no posts, I know. Life has been pretty busy, and I’ve been cutting back on my online time. But today is the release day for my new middle-grade fantasy Amelia Sand and the Silver Queens, which means it’s time to do the announcement and promotion thing.

Amelia Sand and the Silver Queens Cover Art by Leanna Crossan

Some of you have already seen and read this one through the Kickstarter earlier this year. (Thank you!) For those who haven’t, or for anyone who needs a refresher, this is a standalone book that plays with portal fantasy tropes. Here’s the official description.

Amelia Sand is a student at Ainsworth Academy, where nonhumans are taught to be “civilized.” But for the rulers of Umbra—humans who came through a world-gate from Earth and now sit upon the thrones—that’s not enough. When Amelia discovers their plans to use magic to force her and her fellow monsters into blind obedience, she sets out to stop them.

Everyone knows goblins can’t be heroes, so Amelia visits a world-gate to find human champions of her own. But instead of mighty young heroes, she gets stuck with two old women who have no interest in magic or fighting.

With her friend Boa (a talking ribbon-snake), Amelia joins former teacher Ruth and absent-minded Lily on a quest to save the “uncivilized” peoples of Umbra.

Amelia Sand and the Silver Queens is a story about finding unexpected family and learning to trust in your own power.

You can read the first chapter if you want to get a taste for the story. It doesn’t directly tie into my goblin series or any of my other books, but Amelia is definitely a Jim Hines Goblin 🙂

It’s available just in time for the holidays as an e-book and a trade paperback.

Thank you as always for all of your enthusiasm and support. I hope you love this one as much as I do.