Announcement: Two New Books!

If you follow me on Patreon or get my newsletter, this might be old news, you probably already know about this. But now that all the contracts have been signed, I believe I’m safe to publicly announce that I have a new book deal with DAW for a contemporary fantasy novel called Slayers of Old. (Title may change between now and publication.)

The book is due toward the end of this year, so depending on the whims of publishing, I’d expect it to be out in late 2025 or some time in 2026.

I’ve also signed the contracts to publish a different standalone fantasy novel called Kitemaster with Arc Manor Books. That book is already written, so logically, it should come out before Slayers of Old. But I’m not going to try to put money on it one way or another.


The last five years have been rough. My writing career felt like it hit a bit of a slump. So not only am I excited about getting new books published, I’m also feeling a fair amount of relief. I’m hoping this is only the beginning of the next upswing on the roller coaster.

Starry sky
Photo by samokphotography

More news as it happens. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the first lines of each book.

Kitemaster: Once, when the wind was young, the people looked to the sky and dreamed. They watched cloud serpents dance with lightning. They watched the stars ride the wind through the night…

Slayers of Old: When I was thirteen, I began keeping a list of the annoyances that come with being a Hunter of Artemis. I was up to two hundred and four.