Silver Queens Cover Art

Yesterday I received the final files from Leanna Crossan for the Amelia Sand and the Silver Queens cover.

Short version: I love it, and I’ve been happily tweaking away at text and layout. I’m now to the point where I can’t really see it anymore, which means it’s time to share and see what you think.

Here’s the full layout, which will be used for the paperback. (And as I upload the image, I can already see that I want to move that quote from Tobias Buckell a tiny bit higher so it will be centered between the bar code and the text block.)

The price is not final. That’s going to depend on what the costs are. I’m not going for a huge royalty on the print copies, but I do need to be able to feed the cat and the dog. Oh, and the kids too, I suppose.

Here’s the front cover, give or take a few pixels on the dimensions, that will be used for the ebooks and online.

So… What do you think? Any suggestions before I finalize this sucker?