Novelist Income Survey Update

We’ve gotten almost 350 responses to the 2016 2016 Novelist Income Survey. Huge thanks to everyone who’s shared their information and spread the word.

As with all things, I’ve seen ways I could have improved the survey and questions, but overall we’re getting a lot of useful data, and I’m genuinely excited to jump in and start playing with correlations and graphs and all that good stuff.

I’d been planning to end the survey at the end of January, but I’m continuing to wrestle this novel deadline, which has now moved to the middle of February. Meaning I probably won’t go data-diving until then. Meaning I can go ahead and keep the survey open until February 14. Because what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by sharing some data?

Thanks again, and please share the link with anyone who had at least one published novel by 12/31/2016.