Pre-Election Thoughts

  1. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are going to be the next President of the United States. You have the right to vote for whoever you want, but at this point in time, neither a write-in nor a third party candidate is going to win this election. This means the only votes that will count toward the selection of our next President are votes for either Trump or Clinton.
  2. As big and loud as the 2016 presidential campaign has been, it’s not the only thing on the ballot. All those House and Senate seats are arguably just as important, if not more so. Please take time to research and vote on those other candidates as well.
  3. If you’re knowingly lying or spreading misinformation in order to support your candidate? To me, that’s an admission that even you know your candidate isn’t good enough to win on their own merits.
  4. The same goes for efforts to intimidate voters, trick people into not voting, or otherwise impede people’s ability to vote.
    1. No, you cannot vote via text message.
    2. Voter intimidation should be reported to 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
    3. The majority of states do not require Photo ID to vote. (Though Photo ID may make the process easier.) Check the laws for your state.
  5. I have November 8 off from my day job. If you’re local and worried about voter intimidation, let me know and I’ll be happy to go with you to the polls.
  6. Don’t know where to go to vote? Google’s got you covered. It’s a good idea to double-check your voting location beforehand. (I’m sure mine isn’t the only one that’s changed since the last election.)
  7. Want to check the other races and candidates before you go to the poll? Ballotpedia lets you enter your address to pull up a sample ballot for your location. Googling “Sample Ballot” + [Your State] will probably also bring up links letting you see what’s on the ballot.
  8. Not registered yet? Eleven states (and the District of Columbia) allow you to register to vote up until election day.
  9. Voting selfies? Time has a map of where they are and aren’t legal.
  10. Still not convinced? Do it for the sticker! Those “I Voted” stickers are surprisingly useful. They can be used…
    • As emergency bandages
    • To patch plumbing leaks
    • To cover up an ex in an old photograph
    • To hide that zit on your chin
    • Stick it to an attacker’s glasses to temporarily blind them in one eye, destroying their depth perception and giving you time to escape.
    • If your significant other is into politics, show up wearing your “I Voted” sticker…and nothing else. (Be careful where you put it, though. Ouch.)
    • Use the sticky side to get all that cat hair off your clothes.
    • Fold it in half and use it as a bookmark.
    • Put it on a political baseball cap and hide a few letters to create a very different message: “Make America   eat Again!”
    • Budget flypaper!


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