UnboundToday is the day Unbound comes out as a mass market paperback, with a concurrent price drop on the ebook edition.

This is book three in the Magic ex Libris series about a magic librarian, a kick-ass dryad, a flaming spider, Johannes Gutenberg, and so much more. I probably could have subtitled this one, “How Isaac got his groove back.”

I’ve gathered all sorts of handy links to the various formats, because I’m helpful that way…

If you’re on Twitter, DAW Books will be giving away all of this month’s releases to a follower who retweets their Happy Release Day announcement. In addition to my book, you’d also get books by Dave Bara and Mickey Zucker Reichert.

Best of all, reading (or re-reading) Unbound will get you up to speed and all ready for when the final book in the series, Revisionary, comes out next month 🙂

Thus endeth today’s commercial message. Thanks for reading!