State of the Jim, and Pics

I finished the second draft of Revisionary on June 7. It’s due to my publisher on August 1. As a result, much of my time and brain has been going into the third draft of said book. (Currently at 20,000 words and counting.)

That hasn’t left much for blogging this week…or much of anything else, really. However, I have managed to sneak away with the camera a few times for fun and mental recharging, and while I’ve shared some of the pics on Twitter and Facebook, I haven’t done the same here at the blog. UNTIL NOW!

Sandhill Crane
Out of the way! This Sandhill Crane has important crane stuff to do!
Goose butts!
Goose butts!
Dogs playing
Our new puppy Zoey is not graceful.
Dogs playing
However, she does appear to be part demon…
Ever wonder what happens when the wind catches a cardinal’s toupee?
Baby birds
Baby Eastern Phoebes, just chillin’ in the nest.