“Do You Wanna Take The Hugos?”

To the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?”


Do you wanna take the Hugos?
Come on let’s change the game.
I’m tired of those liberals
Like criminals
Who steal our rightful fame!
This used to be our genre
But now it’s not.
They make all the puppies cry.
Do you wanna take the Hugos?
(And also puff up both our egos…)

Release the puppies!

Do you wanna take the Hugos?
And fuel our social justice hate?
I think this backlash is long overdue.
We should start talking to
Vox Day and Gamergate.
(It’s about ethics!)
We’ll rally our bloc voters
To support our slate
The day of the pups is nigh…

Please, I’m feeling picked on.
The CHORFs are challenging our Facts.
It’s like they don’t know we’re the victims here,
Trapped by our fear of leftist mob attacks.
They’ll toss us in their gulag,
And vote No Award.
Look at my puppy tears!
Do you wanna take the Hugos?