Interesting Search Queries from 2014, Plus Smudge Fanart

Huh. Looks like I should redo my Top Posts list, as my response to Mr. Wright has jumped into the #6 place for the year over the course of 24 hours.

But it’s more interesting to look at some of the rather random search queries that brought people to the website over the past year.

  1. pills to make you happy – That would be my posts on depression and Zoloft, I’m guessing.
  2. neil gaiman factsI have 20 of ’em! 🙂
  3. yeti he sniffed the air – Um…
  4. sexy guy photo poses – Why thank you!
  5. spoon theory is stipud – No comment.
  6. i farted kitten – Sounds unpleasant.
  7. jerry pournelle + jim hines – I think someone’s writing some very odd fanfiction.
  8. keep calm dave has just farted – Forget calm! Run for your lives!!!
  9. did miss piggy have sex with long john silver – It’s Tim Curry. Could you blame her if she did?
  10. hobbit – why do the goblins all die so easily – That’s what I want to know!
  11. fake agent jennie wikipedia – “Jennie Wikipedia” sounds like a geek superhero name.

Also, I received this delightfully cute sketch of Smudge the fire-spider with a fireproof Jig the goblin plushie, and I had to share it with the world. This was created by the obviously-skilled Ariela Housman:

smudge doodle

From me, Smudge, and the goblins, have an absolutely wonderful 2015!!!