Doctor Snoopy

I decided to go with a lighter blog post for today. Feel free to debate and discuss.


Proposal: Snoopy is actually a Time Lord. Probably the Doctor.


  1. Snoopy was first sighted on Earth in October of 1950, and was around for far longer than any known beagle. Also, his appearance changed over time. (But he’s always been a white male!)
    Snoopy 1950Snoopy Modern
  2. His dog house is canonically bigger on the inside.
    Snoopy Doghouse
  3. And it flies. (Though it doesn’t always take him where he intended to go.)
    Snoopy - Lost
  4. He is known to have traveled in space.
    Snoopy - Moon
  5. He has a companion, one he understands and communicates with despite their different languages. (TARDIS translation circuit?)
    Snoopy + Woodstock
  6. He owned a Van Gogh. (The link between Van Gogh and the Doctor has been well-established.)
    Snoopy Van Gogh
  7. He’s been known to wear bow ties.
    Snoopy - Bow Tie

Conclusion: Time Lord!

Doctor Snoopy
Snoopy as Doctor Who, by Kieron O’Gorman. Click the pic for the original artwork.