Back from Millennicon

Millennicon was great fun. Unfortunately, both the kids and I seem to have come down with post-con crud, but the convention itself was awesome … if a little dangerous for the blood sugar. (There was a birthday cake for my son, and another cake a few hours later at the GoH reception.)

My wife Amy was kind enough to do most of the driving, which gave me time to finish a short story for that blown deadline I mentioned the other day. Story is off to the editor, and I owe Amy many, many hugs.

As always, there was far too much cool stuff going on for any one human being to do. I missed the launch party for Stephen Leigh’s newest book, Immortal Muse. (I did get to see him receive the Hal Award, given each year to “an educator who creates a program utilizing science fiction literature to improve children’s proficiency in science and math.”

I also missed the Detcon1 takeover of the consuite on Saturday.

On the other hand, I got to do a reading that went rather well, a panel about dumb questions (which Laura Resnick TOTALLY SABOTAGED by prohibiting any and all sex-related questions, just because her father was on the panel with her…sheesh), had my son thrown into Klingon jail, heard a new (to me) Tom Smith song, and finally got to wear the T-shirt I got for Christmas in public.

(Photo by Hugh Staples. Cape assistance by Stephen Leigh.)

Huge thanks to Christy Johnson, Cheryl Whitford, and everyone else who put so much time and energy into making the convention happen.

As is often the case, the only downside was having to come back to the real world. Not only was there housework and day job work waiting for me, but apparently at least one mouse moved into the house this weekend and was throwing a little convention of its own. Taz the cat spent the whole night trying to get at it, and actually caught it briefly this morning, but when I tried to get cat and mouse outside to let the little rodent go free, it pulled a Houdini and managed to disappear beneath the couch.

And how was your weekend?