New Books

Admin. note: I’ve drawn a winner for the Libriomancer giveaway – congratulations to Amanda over on Goodreads!


As some of you might have heard, I have a new book coming out tomorrow. This means I’ll be spending the rest of the week whipping back and forth between TOTAL MELTDOWN and SQUEE-SPLOSION about various book-related things, from an interview at Wired for GeekDad to a giveaway I’m doing at Bitten by Books to reviews and so on. In the meantime though, I wanted to highlight a few of the other books coming out this week.

Seawitch [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], by Kat Richardson. This is the seventh book in Richardson’s popular Greywalker urban fantasy series. You can read an excerpt here.

The Unnaturalists [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], by Tiffany Trent. A new steampunk adventure set “in an alternate London where magical creatures are preserved in a museum.” Yes, please! (Also, I love that cover!)

Shadowlands [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], by Violette Malan. This is the sequel to The Mirror Prince, which I enjoyed and reviewed back in 2007.

The Grass King’s Concubine [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], by Kari Sperring. This is set several hundred years after the events of Sperring’s award-winning novel Living With Ghosts.

The Spy Princess [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], a new YA title by Sherwood Smith. Sherwood talks about the process of writing this one – a process that began when she was fifteen years old – in her LiveJournal.

You should totally rush over to the bookstore to pick these up. (And hey, while you’re over there, you might as well check out that Libriomancer [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy] book. I hear that one’s fun.)

So what books are you looking forward to this month, and what great titles did I miss?