Avengers Discussion and Ann Arbor Event

Tonight at 7 p.m. I’ll be joining Emmy Jackson, Bethany Grenier, and Gary W. Olson at Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor for reading, Q&A, and signing of books.


Like so many others, I saw Avengers this weekend. Short version: I liked it. A lot. I don’t read comics, so I can’t say what they did or didn’t change from the canonical Marvel universe, but overall I thought it was a wonderfully fun story. My inner seven-year-old was thrilled. So was my actual seven-year-old, for that matter. (He particularly liked the Hulk.)

And now, on with the spoilerific specifics…

Loved Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. It was almost too much sexy intelligence in one room.

Loved Black Widow’s introduction scene, and her interrogation style (which comes back in a wonderful way with Loki later on).

My son’s favorite moment was after Thor and the Hulk finish taking down an alien ship, and the Hulk casually slugs Thor, sending him flying.

My favorite bit was probably Loki’s monologue to the Hulk … and the interruption thereof. “Puny god” indeed. Loved the Hulk’s comic timing. The green guy might not have had great standalone films (though I thought the Ed Norton movie was pretty good), but he was perfect in this one.

I liked finally seeing Nick Fury/Samuel Jackson in action.

The only moment I remember my suspension of disbelief breaking was Hawkeye shooting an arrow into a computer terminal so precisely that the various pins lined up with the terminal in order to hack the system.

Though the “Loki’s mind control can be broken by hitting you in the head” bit was a little too convenient as well.

Such lovely, lovely snark all around.

The final post-credits scene was just fun.

I never really felt like any of our heroes were in genuine danger. Tony’s heavily-telegraphed potential sacrifice at the end was nice and all, but you knew perfectly well he’d survive. The world was at risk, yes. The heroes, not so much. Heck, most of them are already signed up for various sequels.

I have no idea if Agent Coulson is really dead or not. I expected to see him in one of the post-credits scenes. It would certainly be in character for Joss Whedon to kill him off, but it also felt like a setup… What do you think?

I really wish they’d done more with Pepper Potts’ character. She had a fun exchange with Tony Stark in the beginning, but for the most part, she felt like generic off-screen love interest. In such a male-dominated film, it struck me as a missed opportunity to have another active female character, particularly given that the end of the film took place at Stark Tower.

Overall though, I loved it. Major kudos to Marvel for such an ambitious, long-term project. More please.

For everyone else who’s seen it, what did you think? I haven’t had much of a chance to get all geeky and talk about the film, and I’d like to remedy that now…