Ask a Goblin is Live at

The Ask a Goblin site went live at 9:00 a.m. today. I’ve got a few more questions and answers ready for this afternoon, after which the site will be updated on a regular schedule of whenever I feel like it.

I’m still figuring Tumblr out, so the site may change. I’m not currently planning to update this blog every time I post a new goblin Q&A. Right now, Ask a Goblin will automatically post to my Twitter account. There’s also an RSS feed and LiveJournal account. Hopefully that gives folks enough options.

Of course, because I spent my time last night setting this up and answering questions, it means I had to postpone my Amazon rant. Ah well. I can yell at them next week.

Feedback on the site is welcome. If nothing else, hopefully it will provide a few laughs.