Ask A Goblin

ETA: The site is now live at


I’ve decided to start an ongoing, irregular advice column: Ask A Goblin.

Jig (and possibly his fellow goblins) will answer questions about absolutely anything, from dating/relationships to careers to getting mustard stains out of your shirt.

Questions can be posted through Tumblr or sent to Jig et al. will answer whatever questions they want. If your question doesn’t get answered, it’s nothing personal. He probably just doesn’t like you.

When you send your question, please note whether or not you wish your name to be included in any response. Pseudonyms are encouraged. If you don’t say one way or another, we’ll just make up a pseudonym for you. In fact, we might do that anyway.

If you want to know what qualifications Jig and company have to write an advice column, the answer is Absolutely None Whatsoever.

Let the questions begin!