Holiday Bookplates, Books, Etc.


ETA: And we’re done. This post was picked up by some of the “Get Free Stuff Online!” sites. (My favorite being the “samplesexpress” Twitter account, which I’m sure is supposed to be Samples Express, but I’m amused.) Anyway, I’m now getting flooded with e-mail from folks who have never heard of me or my books, aren’t bothering to read the post, and expect me to just send them their free bookplate. I don’t have the time to deal with this, and as far as I can tell, the actual fans and readers who wanted bookplates have had time to contact me. So the offer is now done.

In previous years, I’ve offered bookplates to anyone who plans on giving my books as gifts. I still have some left, so I figured I’d do it again. If you’ll be giving any of the goblin or princess books away for the holidays this year and would like an autographed bookplate to go with them, please let me know. This is a U.S.-only offer, I’m afraid. Be sure to include:

  • Your address
  • Which book(s) you’re giving
  • The name of the recipient

I can send up to three bookplates, but let me know this week if you want ’em by Christmas.


E-book Sale!

I’m planning to drop e-book prices starting next week and lasting through the end of the year. (Translation: I want to shamelessly cash in on everyone getting e-book readers and gift cards!)


I’ll be dropping Kitemaster and Other Stories [Amazon | B&N] to $2.99, and will be reducing Goblin Tales [Amazon | B&N] to a mere $.99 at both stores. (I can’t directly adjust the prices at Kobo and iBooks, but if I have time, I’ll try to set up direct sales at the reduced prices so that nobody feels excluded.)


Free books!

Mark Terry is offering his thriller The Fallen as a free Kindle download.

Martha Wells’ fantasy novel The Cloud Roads is also available for free on Kindle.

Catherine Shaffer has posted two short stories for free on Smashwords. I haven’t read Long Winter’s Nap, but I read Improving Slay Times in the Common Dragon a while back, and it was a fun read.


Promote Your Stuff!

Following John Scalzi’s lead, please consider this post your chance to promote your own stuff. A lot of my friends are authors – what books do you have that people should check out? I’ve seen some of the great jewelry folks on my LJ list make – give us a link to your store and tell us a little bit about it.

Whatever you do, this is your chance to share and maybe pick up a few holiday sales.

I’ll start with a link to the Magick 4 Terri auction to support Terri Windling. I bet you could find awesome gifts for everyone you know just by scrolling through the listings…