Kitemaster Collection Coming August 15ish

Kitemaster & Other Stories will go on sale around August 15. (I’d love to set a firm date, but some of it depends on how long B&N and Amazon and the rest take to update their systems.) The lineup includes the following stories:

  • Kitemaster
  • Untrained Melody
  • Blade of the Bunny
  • Over the Hill
  • Spell of the Sparrow
  • The Creature in Your Neighborhood

The price will be $3.99, which comes to 66 cents per story. As a special bonus, the collection will also include a sneak peek at the first chapter of Libriomancer.

I’ve seen mixed data as to whether it’s more effective to sell individual short stories vs. bundled collections like this, but you know what? It’s enough work putting together a good e-book collection. I don’t have time to prepare six different covers, get six different files uploaded to various sites, and of course, to update those files on the different sites when and if something should change.

Reviewers wanted: I’d like to send out about some review copies, and hopefully get some reviews posted next month. If you have a review site or a blog with a decent sized following and you’re interested in reviewing Kitemaster et al., please leave a comment. I can’t promise free books for everyone (I’m currently $200 in the hole on this project), but I’m hoping to get at least 10-20 copies out early. Maybe more, depending on demand.