Diabetes Details 10: Peeves

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For the most part, my diabetes is under control, and I don’t think about it much from day to day. I check my blood, drink diet instead of regular pop, and swap out the insulin pump every 2-3 days. It’s a serious disease, but doesn’t significantly interfere with my life.

That said, there are some annoyances…

1. Blood. I don’t mind testing my blood sugar, but when I change out the insulin pump, sometimes the site bleeds a tiny bit, and no matter how careful I am, I keep getting tiny smears of blood on my clothes. It happened again last night. I removed the old set and checked to see if that site was bleeding. It wasn’t. So I finished prepping the new infusion set for my pump, looked back, and there was a tiny smear of red on my shirt.

I swear my belly is taunting me. My blood cells are tiny Weeping Angels that only sneak out when I look away.

2. Insurance. This is not my U.S.-health-care-is-busted rant. But dealing with insurance companies can be annoying. Like when I was told they would no longer do 90-day supplies of insulin, and I’d have to go to 30-day supplies instead. Are you thinking I’ll suddenly stop being diabetic after a month, or just that it will be cheaper for you and the pharmacy to do all that paperwork once a month instead of once every three months? Then there was the time they switched providers for my pump supplies without telling me … or without mentioning that I had to call the new provider to give them my info, or else my supplies wouldn’t show up. D’oh!

In each case, I’ve been able to get things straightened out, and I’m grateful to have health coverage at all. That said, it irritates me every time I have to spend time clearing up stupid mistakes and miscommunications, or navigating nonsensical policies.

3. Food Police. One of my biggest peeves is other people deciding what I can and can’t eat. I know it’s usually well-intended, but please don’t. I can eat anything you can; I just need to take the right amount of insulin for it. I eat ice cream and cake and pizza and whatever else I want. I’ve chosen to stop drinking regular pop, and to eliminate a few things from my diet … but that’s my choice.

If you ask me whether I can eat or drink something, that’s great, and I appreciate the consideration. If you decide for me, I get irritated fast. Even when it’s well-intended, like bringing in brownies to work and saying, “I know you can’t have them, so I brought in a rice-cake for you!” I know my disease and my body better than you; I’ll decide what I should and shouldn’t eat.

4. Insulin Pump & Karate. I love having a pump. I’m getting a new one soon, actually. I love that I no longer have to take 6-7 shots per day.

I do not love the fact that I have to clip the thing to my belt in karate, or that I have to warn everyone I practice with not to hit my infusion site, or that the silly thing sometimes slides around my belt, so I have to make sure it hasn’t moved before I roll to the ground or something.


None of these are huge problems, and I’ll certainly take the peeves over the alternatives. But the disease comes with annoyances, even when it’s well-controlled, and since I hadn’t done a diabetes post in a while I figured I’d share.

Questions are very welcome, as always.

Insulin pump photo by Medtronic.