First Book Friday: Author Roundup

I’m making this list for my own purposes, as well as for anyone who might have missed some of the older First Book Friday posts. My thanks to everyone who’s participated.

Submission guidelines for First Book Friday are posted here. I’m also open to recommendations if there’s someone you’d like me to invite … with the understanding that the REALLY big names are less likely to have time for an unpaid guest blog post, so you can suggest Terry Pratchett if you want, but it probably ain’t gonna happen.

First Book Friday Authors:

  1. Jim C. Hines
  2. Joshua Palmatier
  3. Lisa Shearin
  4. Tobias Buckell
  5. Lynn Flewelling
  6. Marie Brennan
  7. Harry Connolly
  8. Alma Alexander
  9. Laura Resnick
  10. John Levitt
  11. Alyx Dellamonica
  12. Seanan McGuire
  13. Martha Wells
  14. David Anthony Durham
  15. Chris Dolley
  16. Laura Anne Gilman
  17. Rachel Aaron
  18. Diana Pharaoh Francis
  19. Sherwood Smith
  20. Kelly McCullough
  21. Jaleigh Johnson
  22. Pamela Dean
  23. Erik Scott de Bie
  24. Mark Terry
  25. Lynne Thomas
  26. Anton Strout
  27. Peter V. Brett
  28. Mindy Klasky
  29. Cindy Pon
  30. Gini Koch
  31. Elizabeth Bear
  32. Sean Sweeney
  33. Catherynne M. Valente
  34. Deborah J. Ross
  35. Kristen Britain
  36. Stephen Leigh
  37. Chaz Brenchley
  38. Kat Richardson
  39. Mette Ivie Harrison
  40. Bradley Beaulieu
  41. Karin Lowachee
  42. Kari Sperring
  43. Tansy Rayner Roberts
  44. Michael R. Underwood