In Which I Commit T-shirt

A number of people asked for a T-shirt version of the Apostrophe Ninja.  I’ve gone one better.

I now have a Zazzle store, which includes a whopping four T-shirts, meaning you can go to work in Hineswear all week (providing you wear one shirt twice, or else call in sick on Friday).  Each shirt comes from a blog post:

Apostrophe Ninja (Original post)
Writing: A Reality Check (Original post)
Distilling the Blogosphere (Original post)
20 Neil Gaiman Facts (Original post)

That’s right, after more than a year, I finally got the Neil Gaiman Facts shirt finished and posted for sale.  All profits from the sale of that one go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Right now it’s just basic T-shirts.  I redid the artwork on each comic in order to get higher-resolution versions that will come out correctly when the shirts are printed.  I’ll probably end up posting more things in the store … at the very least, the Gaiman shirt should be available in black, right?  I’ve also been asked to post a “Ferb is the 12th Doctor” shirt.