Back from Vegas

Back from Las Vegas. Friend is successfully married. Yay!

After getting up at 4:00 a.m. on Monday to check out of the hotel, return the rental car, and catch our flight back to Michigan, I’m still a bit brain frazzled.  But here are some random thoughts from the weekend…

-No, I did not gamble.  Not out of any moral stance, but because I’m good at math.[1. I’m not mocking those who choose to gamble for the fun of it — I do understand the thrill.  But I don’t have the money to spare on this particular pastime.]

-My agent sent me a $700 Czech check right before I left.  My car immediately broke, requiring $700 worth of repairs.

-All of the lights in our hotel room used fluorescent bulbs.  I applaud conservation efforts, but find them rather ironic in Vegas.

-Effective immediately, the Mission: Impossible theme should be played on piano as part of the opening music at all weddings.

-I have once again forgotten how to tie a tie.

-I get way too stressed about travel arrangements, schedules, and details.

-Michigan sometimes gets so cold your snot freezes inside your nose. Vegas and its 110+ temps, on the other hand, dry your snot to the consistency of gravel.  (Because I know you all wanted the Vegas snot update!)

-Delta airlines did a surprisingly good job in terms of handicap accessibility, including providing wheelchairs, getting us where we needed to go, taking my wife’s walker onto the plane, and when possible, moving us to a seat closer to the front.

-Dear TSA: I have no explosives in my sandals.  Thanks for checking, though!

-If someone writes a Jim C. Hines is Awesome blog post, my friends will give me a hard time about it when they see me.

-Jellyfish are nifty.  This is a video I shot at the Mandalay Bay Shark Exhibit.  (The tanks were too dark for photos, but video worked pretty well.)