Busy and Mildly Burnt Out

1.  Shout-out to Rhonda Parrish, who won the Mermaid’s Madness ARC Auction.  The winning bid was $105, so I was surprised to find a PayPal e-mail which read, “$125 was the highest I was going to allow myself to bid. Since I was willing to spend that much, I don’t see why I shouldn’t send that much — it’s going to a great cause.”  Rhonda — you win at awesome.  Thank you!

2.  You know, I like this book.  I think Red Hood’s Revenge has a lot going for it.  There’s a revelation about Talia’s past that kicks ass, nifty ideas about Arathean society, some development of events from Mermaid’s Madness, a bit of romance, and of course, Red Riding Hood: Badass Assassin.  That said, I’m still at the point where I’m counting down the days until I can turn the damn thing in and be done with it for a while.  72000 words and counting.

3.  It’s International Blog Against Racism Week.  I find the timing fortuitous, given recent online events in SF/Fdom.

4.  My department has determined that we should have five full-time employees doing customer support.  Today there were two of us.  This is not unusual.  Thus the mild burn-out.  I’m still grateful for the stable job with benefits.  But some days I’m more grateful than others.