Terminal Peace is Out Today!

Terminal Peace Cover Art by Kieran Yanner

Today is the day! Terminal Peace is officially available in print, ebook, and audio book formats.

This one had a rougher path than most of my books. Thank you so much to everyone for your patience, support, and understanding over these past few years. I hope the wait was worth it.

“Where can I get a copy?”

If your local independent bookstore doesn’t have a copy on the shelves, they should be able to order it for you. Or you can use this convenient little link list:

“What are the reviewers saying?”

Let’s start with the most important review. I gave my mother an early copy of the book for her birthday this month. Here’s what she texted me over the weekend:

Text Message: "Just finished the book. WOW"

If for some reason you need more than that, Booklist called it a “satisfying and hopeful conclusion to the series.”

I’ve seen a handful of reader reviews popping up as well. Several folks commented that they didn’t expect to get teary-eyed over a book about space janitors, which I take as high praise. (If you’re worried that means it’s going to be overly sad or depressing, reread the “hopeful” part of the Booklist review.”)

“What can we as readers do to help support this obviously-amazing book?”

Aw…you’re too kind, thank you!!!

  1. Reviews are love. Twitter, TikTok, Amazon, Goodreads…it doesn’t matter where. Every bit of word-of-mouth helps tremendously.
  2. Signal-boost the release, either by sharing this post or writing your own.
  3. Does your library have a copy? If not, most library websites have a way for patrons to suggest books.
  4. Are you a famous Hollywood producer who believes the time has come for a humorous-yet-heartfelt blockbuster about underdog janitors in space taking on war and politics and really tough stains? Give my agent a call.

“As long as I’m grabbing a copy of this one, does anyone else have books out today?”

I’m so glad you asked! I get to share a release day with the wonderful Tanya Huff and her book Into the Broken Lands.

“Any closing thoughts?”

Mostly just gratitude. Like I said, it’s been a rough few years, and in many ways, the path ahead is foggier than it used to be. But I’m still writing and still loving that I get to share these stories with people. Thank you all.