I Can High Five Again!

It’s been a little over five weeks since my surgery for Dupuytren’s Contracture on my right hand. The incision has closed and healed, and I’m able to use the pinky again for most day-to-day stuff. I can even give (gentle) high fives!

The tissue underneath is still healing, and that’s going to continue for a while. It’s stiff, swollen, and a little tender. But I’ve been working with the occupational therapist, doing my stretches and exercises and massages at home, and I think overall we’re making progress. The biggest problem is that it’s a bit sensitive and achy, especially at night, which has been making it harder to sleep.

I’ve also been able to get back to exercising again, after a month or so off the weight machine. There are a couple of exercises my hand just won’t do yet, but I can get through most of them. I’m averaging about 10-20 pounds less than I was pre-surgery, which is frustrating, but I’ll get back up eventually.

Right hand, five weeks post-surgery

The lightning bolt scar is coming in nicely. We’re trying to keep that from tightening up and restricting movement, but I do like the whole “I high-fived Thor and all I got was this lousy scar” vibe!

I met with the doctor again today, and we talked about next steps. The ring fingers on both hands have Dupuytren’s nodules that will need to be treated eventually. They’re nowhere near as advanced as I had on my pinky, thankfully. It sounds like both will be treated with injections to weaken the cords, then simply flexing the fingers backward to break them, freeing up the tendons and restoring motion.

I’m not looking forward to that.

But hey, I can once again put my hand in my pocket, don and remove gloves, type with all ten fingers, and much more. Yay, progress!