Updates: Goblin Queen and Terminal Peace

Let’s start with Goblin Queen. I’ll be posting this to the Kickstarter site as well.

I’d been hoping to start mailing out books this month, but that was before I dealt with IngramSpark’s customer support and printing delays.

Today I received an email response to my trouble report about being unable to upload the cover file. A report I sent in on July 29. On the bright side, I was finally able to resolve the problem myself last week. With everything uploaded, I reviewed the electronic proof, then ordered a physical proof copy.

That’s when I got a pop-up informing me that due to COVID-related staffing and other issues, printing could take 2-3 weeks, and I might not be getting my proof until near the end of August.

Assuming there are no problems, I’ll be able to put in my big order at that point, and would hopefully get the rest of my books a few weeks later.

The alternative is for me to go ahead and order through Amazon’s KDP print-on-demand service. Amazon was much easier to work with and set up. I went through three rounds of changes, and have three different physical proof copies I received during the time I was fighting with IngramSpark.

But from what I’ve been told, IngramSpark prints a slightly higher quality book than Amazon, and I’d prefer my Kickstarter supporters get the best I can give them.

Everything else is ready. I’ve got the stickers, bookmarks autographed and ready, padded envelopes, labels, and an account at Pirate Ship that will let me print media-rate mailing labels from home. All I need are the books…


Meanwhile, I’m hoping to turn in the manuscript for Terminal Peace to my editor by the end of the month. I’ve gotten through about 75% of this hopefully-final rewrite since early July, so I’m on track. But this part of the book has required a lot more reworking to get everything to fit, which has made for a frustrating and less productive couple of weeks.

This is part of the reason I’ve been scarce on the blog and social media and such. I know there are valid and legit reasons this book has taken me so long, but I really want to get it finished. I’m at that point where I’m close enough I can see the finish line off in the distance, which makes me want to sprint the whole way.

Unfortunately, I also need to do things like sleep and eat and all the rest. But I’m getting there.  I just need to remember not to sprint so fast I take a spill…