Recent Police Assaults on Journalists and Peaceful Protesters

This is a very incomplete list of incidents from the past few days. The videos are disturbing, and many show blood and graphic violence.

I’m not arguing that there are zero protesters or outside agitators instigating violence. Nor am I interested in the “Not all cops!” debate. Sometimes cops commit assault. Sometimes, as in the killing of George Floyd, they simply stand by and let it happen. And yes, sometimes — all too rarely — they intervene to stop it.

These protests started after yet another instance of police brutality in the killing of an unarmed black man. If you don’t understand why the protests are needed, and why drastic change is long overdue, I hope some of the videos and reports below will help.

Which are you more upset about? The assaults against property and things, or the widespread, unjustified police assaults against people?