Goblin Queen Updates and Pre-order Links

Goblin Queen Cover ArtTamora Carter: Goblin Queen is up for pre-order, with a tentative release date of September 15, 2020!

These links are for the ebook only. The print edition is coming, but it will take longer to get those links ready.

For everyone who backed the Kickstarter, my plan is to get your rewards out before the official release date. I’ve got the Smudge stickers, and the bookmarks have been ordered, so all I really need is the finished book and lots of envelopes.

The manuscript and cover art are pretty much finalized. Leanna Crossan is working on the interior artwork, which will take a little more time. While she does that, I’ve started sending out a few review copies. (So if you happen to be a SF/F MG reviewer, let me know?)

I’ve got one more announcement, but I’m waiting for contracts on that piece before I share the details.

I think that’s it for Goblin Queen news. Which means I should probably get back to work on Terminal Peace