Goblin Queen: Update and Extra Stickers

Eleven days left in the Tamora Carter: Goblin Queen Kickstarter, and we’re currently 300% funded! I’ve been working on this side getting the ebook set up, talking to the artist about cover and interior art, and working with author and artist Jenn Reese about one of the stretch goal rewards.

Many of you have already seen the delightful fire-spider sticker design she created, but I think it’s worth sharing again. I love happy Smudge and his candy corns!Smudge StickerEveryone who supports the Kickstarter at one of the levels that includes a print copy of the book will also get a Smudge sticker.

If you want extras, or if you donated at the ebook level but still want a Smudge, I set up an add-on option today that lets most folks get up to five additional stickers. Because who doesn’t need more Smudge in their life?

In all seriousness, thank you to everyone for your excitement and enthusiasm for this book. With everything else we’re facing in 2020, this is a nice bright spot.