Storytime with Jim! Tomorrow at 8 p.m.

On Sunday, I asked folks on Facebook and Twitter what they thought about doing an online storytime where I’d pick something of mine to read to whoever felt like tuning in. The response was enthusiastic (thank you!), and of the three possible stories I suggested, the winner was “A Game of Goblins,” a story about Golaka the chef getting caught up in Game of Thrones-style chaos.

Storytime starts tomorow, March 20, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on my Facebook Author Page.

I scheduled it to begin at 7:45, but that’s to make sure I have time to get any technical problems or glitches straightened out. I’ve never done this before, so anything could happen! But it probably won’t. Though there may be interruptions for attention-hungry cats or dogs who urgently need to check the back yard for squirrel incursions.

Afterward, I plan on posting the video to YouTube for anyone who wasn’t able to tune in and hear it live.

Is the story kid-friendly?

A friend asked this, and the answer is … sort of? It’s light/satirical fantasy, similar to my goblin books. There are some off-screen deaths that are rather unpleasant, but that scene isn’t very long. So depending on your kid, it’s probably fine?

Can I read it for myself?

Sure! The story was first published in Unidentified Funny Objects 6, edited by Alex Shvartsman. The book also includes stories from Esther Friesner, Laura Resnick, Jody Lynn Nye, Gini Koch, Alan Dean Foster, and many more.

Do you have a Patreon?

This came up during the discussion on Facebook. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked about doing a Patreon. I finally decided what the heck, and set one up. I’m not asking for or expecting anything, but for anyone who thought the world needed a Jim C. Hines Patreon, you can rest easy tonight.

Will you do more of these?

Maybe? Probably? I think it will mostly depend on how this first one goes.