Doggie Surgery and Travel Preparations

Zoey is in the cone of shame, following ACL surgery on Friday. Zoey does not like the cone of shame, but it’s the only way to keep her from taking more of her staples out overnight.

Zoey in her cone

It turns out ACL surgery is pretty pricey. We’re okay financially, but if anyone feels like this is a good time to pick up a book or two, I certainly won’t ‘t object.

The surgery went well. We’re looking at a long recovery process, though. A process made more challenging because Zoey really likes to run and chase squirrels and generally be a ball of barely-contained doggy-energy. (Which is part of what led to the problem in the first place — she not only sprinted after the squirrel, she hurled herself bodily against the fence trying to get to the little thing.)


I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Utopiales, in Nantes, France. This should be a lot of fun, but I’m currently in pre-travel stress mode, trying to make sure everything’s packed, all the info I need is printed out (and translated, where necessary), and double-checking I’ve got various panels, meetings, and meals entered in my schedule — and set to the proper time zone.

Blogging will be light to none until I get back next week, but I’ll try to post a few pics and updates on the other social media.


Terminal Alliance - Papberback Cover ArtThe timing for this trip is a little awkward, since tomorrow is also the release date for the paperback edition of Terminal Alliance. This means the ebook price has dropped to $7.99.

My copies showed up today, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a newsletter sent out tomorrow before I leave, with one subscriber winning a signed copy.

In the meantime, I’ll just leave these links here…

Terminal Alliance