Finished Draft and LEGO Transformers Break

During my eight-day writing staytreat, I wrote about 22,000 words to finish up the first draft of Project K! There was much rejoicing!!!

And now I get to…well…sit down and start rewriting Project K.

I’m pretty happy with this first draft, and it gave me a decent idea what the book’s really about and what changes I have to make to pull everything together.

I did give myself a small break before diving back in, though. My son and I caught up on Steven Universe together, and we spent some time playing with the LEGOs. I decided I wanted to try to make an old-school Jetfire, one of the Transformers I had when I was a kid.

It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. He can actually transform into either a relatively stable robot and a bulky, slightly less stable jet. The jetpack is removable, and can be worn in both modes, just like the toy. His gun is skinnier than the real thing, but shaped roughly the same. Not bad for working with LEGO.

Jetfire - Jet Mode Jetfire - Jet Mode

He can stand on his own on solid surfaces. Not so much on the bed I was using when I took the photos. So he got to chill and lean up against a pillow.

Jetfire - Robot Jetfire - Robot

Yeah, so this probably isn’t the most exciting blog post to read, but I’m pretty pleased, and it helped me to relax and refocus.

My favorite photo:

Jetfire - Robot

How’s your week going so far?