Terminal Alliance Publication Day!!!

Terminal Alliance Cover Art by Dan Dos SantosToday marks the official release of Terminal Alliance, book one of the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse trilogy!

My thanks to everyone who has supported, encouraged, reviewed, and generally just been wonderful and awesome during the writing and production of this book. It’s currently available in hardcover, e-book, and audio. I believe the mass market paperback should be coming in about a year.

Care to read the first chapter? We’ve got you covered:

The reviews I’ve seen so far have been great! Here’s a sampling…

  • “Hines delivers a fantastic space opera that doesn’t skimp on the action and excitement but pairs it with a hefty dose of slightly scatological humor.” –Library Journal Starred Review
  • “[R]aises the bar for humorous postapocalyptic science fiction with charming underdogs, fascinating alien races, complex intergalactic politicsa genuine pleasure to read.” –Booklist
  • “[A]n exciting white-knuckle adventure awaits to engage sci-fi fans and genre newcomers alike. Hines breathes life into a stunning number of otherworldly beings, but his skills with the human characters really shines here.” –Romantic Times
  • Terminal Alliance works both as amusing comedy and as rousing military SF, and I recommend it to fans of either.” –Amazing Stories
  • “Hines is one of the funniest, and most fun, writers in our genre! Terminal Alliance skewers science fiction tropes and takes on a wild romp through an original universe.” –Tobias S. Buckell, New York Times bestselling author

Finally, I should have some guest posts and interviews and such going live over the next few days. I’ll add those links here as they appear.

I hope you all enjoy the story.