Reminders: INVISIBLE 3 Call for Submissions and TGM Fundraiser Raffle

Reminder #1: Mary Anne Mohanraj and I are still looking for poems and proposals for Invisible 3. We’re interested in personal essay topics about representation in science fiction and fantasy, and poems exploring the same. There’s a $10 payment, and all profits from the anthology go to benefit Con or Bust.

Email your poem or proposal to or jchines -at- by the end of the day on November 30.

I’ve seen a few comments from people who weren’t sure if they could write well enough to submit, or whether their stories were worth sharing. Please don’t self-reject. Your voice and your story matters.


Reminder #2: The next TGM fundraiser will go up at noon on Monday. In the meantime, I’ve drawn the first winner in the DAW Books Raffle. But there are still eleven chances to win. A $5 donation gives you a chance at either a Tad Williams bundle or a bundle of all of DAW’s December releases (plus a random ARC).