Posing for Pixels

The Pixel Project is an ongoing campaign raising money to help end violence against women. This year, they’ve somehow managed to convince authors Chuck Wendig, Tee Morris, and myself to do some genderswapped cover poses. That’s right, you’ll get not one, but three middle-aged, bearded white guys in glasses, all trying to contort ourselves into some rather ridiculous positions. They’re calling it:


If you go to the site, you can vote for which of the three poses you’d like us to do when and if we reach the fundraising goal.

Cover Pose Options

But wait, there’s more! Donate $500 or more, and you get to choose an extra cover for Tee and I to try to duplicate. (Please…be gentle.)

It’s been a while since I’ve done any cover posing. I’m a little older and a little creakier than I was back in 2012, but I’m willing to recontort my spine once more for a good cause. Especially since Chuck and Tee will be doing it too 🙂

In summary?

  1. Vote here
  2. Donate here