Back From the U.P.

We got back from vacation late last night. It was nice to get away, but of course now I get to spend the next few days catching up on email, going through mail and paying bills, unpacking, cleaning up the house, and processing some of the 500 pics I took while we were in the Upper Peninsula.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Zoey took her first boat ride. She was a little freaked out at first, but I think she ended up enjoying it.

Bald Eagle
We had a pair of bald eagles hanging out at the lake. This is one of the better shots I managed to get.

Sunset over the lake.

We stopped at the Kitch-iti-kipi spring on the ride home. This is the raft you take out to look through the water.

Bridge and Statue
The Ironworkers Statue and Memorial at the Mackinac Bridge.

Larger versions over at Flickr. I’ll be adding a lot more over there, and probably blogging a few more of my favorites here as well.