Happy Revisionary Day!!!

Revisionary - Cover Art by Gene MollicaThe final Magic ex Libris book is out today. Revisionary brings to a close the four-book series that began back in 2012 with Libriomancer, and it’s weird and exciting and bittersweet and overwhelming and all those other adjectives.


When Isaac Vainio helped to reveal magic to the world, he dreamed of a utopian future, a new millennium of magical prosperity. One year later, things aren’t going quite as he’d hoped.

An organization known as Vanguard, made up of magical creatures and ex-Porters, wants open war with the mundane world. Isaac’s own government is incarcerating “potential supernatural enemies” in prisons and internment camps. And Isaac finds himself targeted by all sides.

It’s a war that will soon envelop the world, and the key to victory may lie with Isaac himself, as he struggles to incorporate everything he’s learned into a new, more powerful form of libriomancy. Surrounded by betrayal and political intrigue, Isaac and a ragtag group of allies must evade pursuit both magical and mundane, expose a conspiracy by some of the most powerful people in the world, and find a path to a better future.

But what will that future cost Isaac and the ones he loves?

People Saying Nice Things:

“[E]xplores cultural and political concerns in a thoughtful manner, leaving the reader with more food for thought than perhaps one might expect. Hines avoids the pitfalls many writers would struggle to miss in the crafting of this excellent tale.” –RT Book Reviews

“I don’t think I can recommend this series enough, it’s some of the best urban fantasy available on the market today.” –The Arched Doorway

“Deeper thematic arguments and questions of political morality aside, Revisionary is an awful lot of fun. I personally really enjoyed the fact that Isaac spends most of the novel simply surrounded by competent women—what’s remarkable is just how much this novel treats this state of affairs as unremarkable. It’s not a big thing. It’s just a thing.” –Tor.com

“If you haven’t tried this series yet, I highly highly recommend that you do. It’s fun, it’s nerdy, and it sneaks up on you with the deeper topics when you’re not looking. I can’t wait to see what Jim C. Hines does next!” –Cannonball Read 8

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