Things and Stuff

This week is particularly hectic. I’ve got a radio interview tomorrow morning and a podcast interview in the afternoon, an appointment at my son’s school Thursday, and some other miscellaneous stuff I’m currently forgetting.

I also have a new book coming out in exactly two weeks, with all of the pre-book preparation that entails.

So here’s some other stuff I wanted to mention online:

  • Joshua Palmatier just posted the book discussion for Unbound over on the unofficial DAW LiveJournal page.
  • Elitist Book Reviews named Unbound one of their top books for 2015, with Revisionary as one of the most anticipated for 2016.
  • The newest episode of the Once and Future Podcast has me chatting with Anton Strout about writing, depression, chicken-chasing, author envy, Fable, and of course, Revisionary. And also Werejaguar Day.
  • I’ve sold an article and a story reprint over the past week, both of which I’ll share more details about soon. Yay!
  • Finally, I’ll be doing a booksigning/reading/thing at Schuler Books in Okemos, MI on February 18 at 7 p.m. There’s a Facebook event for those who use such things.

I think that’s everything? And if not, tough, because I have to go help my son with his research paper. He’s writing about Johannes Gutenberg. Sadly, I don’t think he can use the Libriomancer books as sources…