Polling Libriomancer Fans

In 2014, I wrote a short story called “Chupacabra’s Song” for the Kaleidoscope anthology. (An excellent anthology of diverse YA science fiction and fantasy, by the way.)

The story is about Nicola Pallas when she was a teenager and just discovering her power.

If I were to self-publish this and put it out there as a 99-cent ebook, would you:

  • Buy it and be happy
  • Buy it but feel like you were getting ripped off
  • Not buy it, because 99 cents is too much for a short story
  • Not buy it, because of other reasons

ETA – Cover art would possibly look something like this (only, you know, without the iStock watermark):

Chupacabra's Song - Cover Art Rough Mockup

I’m also thinking about doing some original stories, probably between 15K and 25K words, that would connect to my existing universes. I’d probably start with libriomancer stuff, but could branch out into goblins and princesses, depending on time and inspiration and such. What do you think is a reasonable price for stories in that range?

  • 99 cents
  • $1.99
  • $2.99
  • Other

I’m not making any promises here. A lot will also depend on contracted deadlines and how much else I’m able to get done without breaking my brain. But it’s something I’d like to try…