Read for Pixels Hangout Video

Writing Update: I think I may need to put Project Bob on hold for a little bit. It’s a pretty serious (for me) book, and I feel like I need to do something goofy. I need to go full goblin. The book pitch I sent to my agent would be goblin-level humor (while at the same time being significantly different from any books I’ve written before.) So while I wait to hear back on that, I think I’m going to set Bob aside for now, and work on a few shorter, sillier things I’ve had on my list.

They won’t be goblins, though. So for the sake of clarity, let’s call this batch of fiction Project Orc.

Project Orc should be interesting. It’s both very similar and entirely different from what I’ve written before, and I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to publish or talk about it.

Read for Pixels: I’ve been part of the Read for Pixels campaign to end violence against women. I’ve given away two autographed books, and have additional goodies coming up soon.

I also took part in a Google Hangout, talking about women and girls in pop culture, sexism and harassment, and answering questions about whether or not I’m going to keep the shaved-head look going.

For those who might be interested, I also read a snippet from Revisionary

I should warn folks that said snippet does spoil a few changes that happen in book three. I also thought it gave a nice peek at Isaac and Nidhi in action.

We had a few technical glitches where the connection died. I don’t know if that was on my end, theirs, or if it was simply a bunch of internet goblins making mischief.

Direct link is if for some reason the embedding doesn’t work.