Google Hangout Tonight

Tonight at 8:30 EST, I’ll be doing a Google Hangout where I’ll read a bit from Revisionary, do some Q&A, and talk about the Read for Pixels campaign, part of the Pixel Project to end violence against women.

I’ve got a cold, so this should be interesting. I’m hoping the raspy throat ends up giving me sexy voice, but we’ll see what happens.

Google Hangout Link

You can RSVP if you’d like, or just come by at 8:30 to listen and ask questions.

In the meantime, you can also donate to the Read for Pixels campaign and claim any number of cool goodies. I’ve given away two books so far, and there will be more Hines prizes coming up soon. Plenty of other authors have donated cool stuff as well.

I hope you’ll be able to click over and say hi!