The Flash Discussion Post

Last night was the season finale of The Flash. I’ve enjoyed this show a lot, in part for its sense of fun, its wholehearted embrace of comic book tropes, the relationship between Barry and Joe, and of course, Tom Cavanagh.

At the same time, the writing has sometimes been a bit clunky, and the overall track record with female characters is rather poor. (With that said, things improved greatly for Iris’ character in the last few episodes.)


Flash Helmet

I was disappointed in the penultimate episode last week. The whole “enlist Captain Cold’s help to move the metahumans” storyline was…dumb. Just dumb. If you can gas the prisoners to knock them unconscious, can’t you set up an IV to keep them unconscious long enough to get them to the Secret Island? (I’m glad they finally addressed the whole Secret Prison thing, though!)

This was one of many problems … but then we got the showdown we’ve been waiting for between the Reverse Flash and The Flash. Plus Green Arrow and Firestorm. There were a few questionable parts in that battle as well, but some good moments too, and it was really damn satisfying to see the Reverse Flash get taken out. Even though you’re wondering the whole time if getting captured was all part of the plan.

And that brings us to the finale. Barry can go back in time and save his mother, and send Eobard Thawne Back to the Future. But at what cost?

Much of the episode was surprisingly quiet as Barry anguishes over an impossible question. He reaches out to Joe, to his father, to Iris … whether or not you agree with his decision to go back in time, you felt his struggle to find the right answer. And then to have future-Flash tell him no … to see Barry hold himself back, and then that conversation with his dying mother?

Right in the feels

And while I’m looking at a pic of Tom Cavanagh, can we get a round of applause for this man’s acting chops? I loved his portrayal of Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash this season. I loved the charisma he brought to the role of such a brilliant and sociopathic supervillain. You know he can’t be trusted, and you know when he’s talking about how fond he’s become of everyone, how he loves them, he’ll still kill them in a heartbeat if he has to. It leaves me wondering if the character actually believes he cares about these people?

But then when Barry comes back and busts up the time machine, it’s full-bore kill-em-all Reverse Flash, and he’s still too fast and experienced for Barry to beat him.

And so Eddie shoots himself. I’d wondered if that was where they were going from the moment they revealed Eddie to be Eobard’s ancestor, and I’m disappointed it came to pass. I’m wondering why Eddie didn’t just shoot the Reverse Flash while he was preoccupied with beating the crap out of Barry. (“Because he’s fast enough to catch or dodge bullets.” “Except he didn’t catch or dodge an arrow in the last episode.” “Shut up.”)

I still thought it was a good ending. Not a great one, maybe, but good. Eddie seemed to be at peace, which was nice to see.

And then the random singularity of paradoxical WTF shows up, and Barry decides to run into it and try to counter a freaking black hole by running in the opposite direction like it’s an oversized tornado, and my suspension of disbelief throws up its hands in disgust. Because no. Just no. I’m going to pretend the show ended a minute or so earlier.

Other thoughts:

  • Lots of nice Easter Eggs, particularly in the wormhole. (It’s worth slowing it down to see the different shots.)
  • They’ve certainly opened up a lot of possibilities for season two, haven’t they.
  • “So long and thanks for all the fish!” 🙂
  • Cisco is officially a metahuman. Cool!

What did you think?