Tomorrow I leave for DemiCon in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m author guest of honor, along with artist GoH Megan Lara, Fan GoH Michelle Clark, and wizard GoH Harry Dresden. (I’m not sure whether that last will be showing up in person… I kind of hope not, given the kind of trouble that tends to follow him around.)

The convention doesn’t officially start until Friday, but tomorrow I’ve got a pre-convention signing at Barnes & Noble. That’s from 6-8 p.m. at 4550 University Avenue in West Des Moines.

My con schedule looks more-or-less like this:


  • 7-9: Opening Ceremonies (Main Stage)


  • 10-11: Writing Media Tie-Ins (Nebraska Room)
  • 11-12: GoH & Pro Signings (Main Stage)
  • 4-5: GoH Discussions (Main Stage)
  • 5-6: Diversity and Inclusiveness (Kansas Room)
  • 8-9: Designing a Magic System (Nebraska Room)


  • 10-11: The Flash (Kansas Room)
  • 12-1: Reading (Missouri Room)

You can check the DemiCon site for the full programming grid.

This should be fun! It looks like I may even get a little downtime to relax and wander about during the day on Friday, which is a nice bonus.

Any suggestions on what I should read on Sunday? My current default is the fairy tale princess biker gang story coming out in the next Chicks anthology, but if there’s something else people would prefer to hear, I’m open to ideas.